Sls -- Sy's ls

What it is

sls is a simple Ruby script which is all about associating a
description with a file. The main “sls” shows descriptions alongside a
listing of filenames. The companion scripts are for working with
descriptions or files and descriptions.

sls allows a description to be associated ith a filename, so that a
directory listing will also come up with the file descriptions
alongside each filename.

Why it exists

I fell in love with 4DOS’ use of “descript.ion” files, and the ability
to pull up a directory listing with a note next to each file.
Migrating to Linux was a nightmare because of the huge array of
case-insensitive and utterly disorganized files.

  • I can’t remember what one file in n-1 files is. I certainly haven’t
    a clue 10 years later. Ditto for directories.
  • I was sick of putting my thumb up against the screen to count blocks
    of three numbers in a file’s size.

Since 4DOS will never be ported to Linux (or even supported in DOS), I
had to do it all myself.



I’m new, so bits of advice are welcomed. Some of my solutions are a
bit hackish, and I have had some strange issues with some things. It
all “works for me” though. =)