Slow Time to first byte

Currently running into a host of problems with a collections of sites
I’m running off a Digital Ocean LEMP stack. There is a > 1s TTFB delay &
things are in general are sluggish

Ubuntu 12.04
4 Core CPU

3 sites on the one server, but only one gets about 30k hits a day. Very
image heavy, but the images are hosted on S3.

A gist of my nginx, site-enabled conf & www.conf (php5-fpm config)

Running nginx/1.1.19 & Php 5.5 with opcache enabled today (one of the
billion things that I’ve tried to resolve this by)

Any help would be greatly appreciated and anything other info that might
help solve it, just ask!

Memory limit needed to be increased to get through an image transform
Is it too high at 2048MB?

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do you see this problem when accessing static files as well as php-files
rendered by php-fpm?

did you made a perftest on /static/small.css /path/index.php?

would be interesting to see if this is a php-based problem.



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When I ping a static php file its 48ms

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Should I have posted this in the fpm mailing list?

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so it looks more like a php/processing-problem, no?



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