Slow script performance using jruby-complete & ant


I’m using ant 1.7.1 with jruby-complete-1.4.0RC1.jar via bsf.
My problem is that the jruby performance inside ant is very bad
(e.g. compared to a beanshell script).

The ant test file (see below) compares two simple scripts, and
here jruby is a factor 30x slower:

D:>ant\bin\ant -f build.xml
Buildfile: build.xml
[stopwatch] [rubylist: 6.187 sec]
[stopwatch] [beanlist: 0.203 sec]

Is there a way to improve the script-startup performance ?
We have lots of small jruby helper scripts inside ant and the
slow startup becomes the main bottleneck.



Ant build.xml:

$project.addReference("justdosomething1", "v1") project.addReference("justdosomething1", "v1");

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