Slow page render


I have been using pl_analyze to profile my app. It occurs that I have
done enough caching to improve upon my DB, which cannot be improved
further. I am using fragment caches as well to the best that I can. I am
also using memcached too.

However my pages consist of many fragments which are loaded via <%=
render :partial => ‘stuff’ %>. These fragments are mostly dynamic. The
static parts have already been memcached. But, is there a way to cache
these dynmaic fragments similarly to the way classes are cached? Does
mongrel fletch the _stuff.rhtml from filesystem each time it sees <%=
render :partial => ‘stuff’ %>? Is there a better way to reuse
_stuff.rhtml in a way that is more efficient? I do not wish to inline
everything because I reuse a lot of codes.

I am getting nearly 100,000 page load per day on a single machine and
impriving. Without caching my rails app already crashed so many times.