slightly-OT: wxpython on Gentoo

Only slightly-OT because it’s stopping me from running the gnuradio

I’m trying to get wxpython emerged, and I get a hall of mirrors. When
I emerge wxpython, I get this:

!!! You must put gtk2 in your USE if you need unicode support

If I do that, I get this:

USE=gtk2 emerge wxpython

!!! set-wxconfig: Error: Can’t find normal or debug version:
!!! set-wxconfig: /usr/lib/wx/config/gtk2-unicode-release-2.6 not
!!! set-wxconfig: /usr/lib/wx/config/gtk2-unicode-debug-2.6 not found
!!! You need to emerge wxGTK with unicode in your USE

Ok, so I try this:

USE=unicode emerge wxGTK

After a while I get to try to emerge wxpython, but I get the same error
about wxGTK and unicode …

Any clues? I just want to get working on the radio :slight_smile:



I think unicode is the culprit… do you need unicode with wx

I managed to get wxpython installed with following flags:

[ebuild R ] x11-libs/wxGTK- USE=“X doc opengl -debug
-gnome -joystick -odbc -sdl -unicode” 0 kB
[ebuild R ] dev-python/wxpython- USE=“opengl -unicode” 0 kB

also, please use /etc/portage/package.use rather than shell exports,
it will break next time you reemerge something.

And… check my previous email about gnuradio-SVN with automake-1.10 -
it may save you some googling.