Slightly OT - Parsing (J)Ruby 1.9 in Eclipse using RDT

Apologies if this is slightly OT, but someone in the list might know the
answer. Extensive Googling has so far proved fruitless.

I’ve been using the Ruby Development Tools plugin (RDT) for Eclipse
without any problems until I tried to define a method with a splat as
the first argument. JRuby runs the code no problem but Eclipse
highlights the method definition as a syntax error, probably because
prior to 1.9 splats could only come last in the argument list.

Does anyone know if there is a way to override this syntax error, or
point the RDT to a more up-to-date parser?

Many thanks


This might be a better question for the Aptana folks (I am pretty sure
they have a support list somewhere); I will say the JRubyParser
project has been updated for 1.9 support (probably about 3-4 months
ago). If they are still using this project, then I think they will be
in a position to update to a later version of JRubyParser and have
access to 1.9 syntax features. I am sure they will need to update
some of their own bits to make use of this, but the parsing part
should be good to go.


On Mon, Aug 22, 2011 at 6:30 AM, David S. [email protected]

the RDT to a more up-to-date parser?

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