Slide Show (S9) v1.2 Update - More Template Packs (Deck.js, Impress.js, CSSS, Slidy2, etc.)


If you’re interested in authoring your presentations/slide shows in
Textile, you might check out the Slide Show (S9) gem in Ruby. A simple
slide show looks like:

h1. What's Slide Show (S9)?

A Free Web Alternative to PowerPoint and KeyNote in Ruby

h1. Getting Started in 1-2-3 Easy Steps

* Step 1: Author your slides in plain text using a wiki-style

markup language
* Step 2: Generate your slide show using the @slideshow@ gem
* Step 3: Open up your slide show in your browser and hit the
space bar to flip through your slides
* That’s it. Showtime!

You can use heading 1 or heading 2 for slide breaks or use a
directive (that is, !SLIDE). Using text filters you can add comments,
macros and much more. Example:

%% Let’s go.

h1. Slide Show (S9) 10-Minute Tutorial

{{ gradient yellow orange }}


  • What’s Slide Show (S9)?
  • Wiki-Style Markup Language - Markdown, Textile
  • How it works - Just press F11!
  • What’s S5? What’s S6?
  • Gradient Themes Using “Loss-Free” Vector Graphics in S9
  • Turn Your Online Wiki Pages into Slide Shows - Sputnik Case Study

Finally, the Slide Show (S9) gem supports template packs and lets
you use “industry-strenght” slide show templates such as Deck.js[1],
Impress.js[2], CSSS, Slidy2, Google HTML5 Rocks, and more.

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