Skipping filters

I have a simple login scheme in application.rb. Something like
:requires_login is called in any controller as a before_filter. All is
good, except I’m having trouble figuring out how to make the public
login actions skip this before filter. Here’s what I have:


skip_before_filter :requires_login, :only => [:login, :logout,


before_filter :requires_login, :except => [:list, :show]

I can’t successfully pass authentication and what I believe is happening
is that all the right things are happening up till the point of
my_controller.rb, where the :except tells Rails to add all the actions
from application.rb back into the filter chain. I know if I invert the
logic in my_controller to an :only, the auth code in application.rb
works fine.

Q: At what point would the skip… in application.rb be called?
Q: Is there a best practice for doing something like this (other than
the obvious: use login_engine)?
Q: Is there a good place to read about this?


The way I have done this in the past was:


before_filter :requires_login


before_filter :requires_login, :except => [:login, :logout]

Worked ok for me… I’m not sure if it has a negative performance hit

On 11 May 2006 06:22:14 -0000, steve ross
[email protected]

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