Skipped migration

Oddest thing - ran rake db:migrate, as I’ve done many, many times
before, except this time it skipped one my migrations. Really strange.
Has anyone ever seen this before? I ran the migration before and it
worked fine in 2 other environments, one on my local development
machine and another time during a capistrano task.

I looked at all possibilities I could think of: file permissions (same
as the others), missing file (it was there), bad syntax (no errors).
I’m at a loss.

This is the migration it skipped:

class AddToPhones < ActiveRecord::Migration

def self.up
add_column :phones, :hidden, :boolean, :default => false

def self.down
remove_column :phones, :hidden

Is “hidden” some magic keyword or something? Just a fluke?

Take a look at the schema.rb version number and the version number of
table ‘schema-info’ in the database. They should match. I’ve seen
cases where they don’t, which is quite wrong. Your bug might be
related to the bug I’ve seen, in which the migration works fine and
does everything okay except for updating schema.rb. I never saw that
before Rails 2.0.2. I’ve filed a bug report on it.


On Jan 3, 2008 6:42 PM, nootch [email protected] wrote:


Is “hidden” some magic keyword or something? Just a fluke?

What’s the filename of the migration?

Rick DeNatale

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043_add_to_phones.rb was the migration name … haven’t seen this
before or since. Hoping not to…

fredistic - I failed to make the check you suggested, though I do
recall that the schema_info table was up to date.

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