Skip pending (was Re: Posted this in "dev" last night but I'm not sure that anyone reads it)

The way I’ve started using story runner is to write the story and
scenarios, and then implement each step incrementally. The order that
I implement is not necessarily the order its logically written. Lets
say I want to get the story working without the authentication, so a
Given clause and a Then clause might be pending; but I’d still want
the story to run though the rest of the stuff. I tried calling pending
(“TO DO”) in the do end block,but that gave same result. Well, what
if we added a new method, like skip_this_because(“authentication not
implemented yet”) ?? :slight_smile:

fyi, In the meantime I’ve written a little helper

def skip_pending(text=’’)
puts “SKIP PENDING #{text}”

so I can do

And “foo foo bar bar” do
skip_pending “Implement foo bar”