Sketchup gurus: Urgent information needed

Hello dear sketchup experts,

I like to bring a software with game information together with sketchup.
The game informations are the view vector and the map positions of the
camera in the game (ready working).
For now I like to load a car model in sketchup and rotate this model
with the ingame view vector for a direction display as a first step.

Now my problem: I do not see a method to change the cam or the model
orientation or one of the model details in realtime. There is a
cinematic option in sketchup which allows some parameter change like I
need but I get not the trick how you could do that over the ruby API. It
looks like the ruby API is only written for some menu extension and
smart tools.

The question to the experts: Is sketchup able to be controlled from the
outer ruby API to control some model details like orientation and


I would say:
Ask your question here:
and you’ll have more chance of an answer