Simultaneous transmissions from two daughterboards

I have some questions about simultaneous transmissions from two
I just plug two RFX400(or WBX) daughterboards into one motherboard,
and want to let these two daughterboards transmit data in different
frequency band at the same time.
I try to modify the sample code “” but I still
can’t let the “” run well.
That is, I want these two daughterboards mounted on the same motherboard
can simultaneously transmit different data in different frequency band.
for example,
daughterboard A=>transmit data1 in 450MHz
daughterboard B=>transmit data2 in 470MHz

Note that data1 and data2 are different data files.

If I’m not going to interleave data1 and data2, is there any way to let
these two boards transmit in different frequency band at the same time??

Thanks for help.


I don’t know what exactly what you are trying to achieve, so this might
not be applicable. But the last time I tried doing similar thing, I
just let *NIX do it for me instead of haxing the benchmark file:

sudo sh -c “./ -f 450e6 -T A --from_file data1 &
./ -f 470e6 -T B --from_file data2”

Notice it’s one &, not two. That’ll start both benchmarks
simultaneously under *NIX, and in essence transmitting the two files