Simply Helpful documentation

Being a newbie, I searched high and low for slightly more than the
sparse documentation which accompanies the Simply Helpful plugin, or a
tutorial or some examples. I couldn’t find any.
I would be highly appreciative if someone could point me to some
useful resource or provide examples.
Thank you,

Hi, this is a plugin that assists one in view construction. Please
remember that you can write/implement your views using standard HTML.
If you need a standard Rails tutorial, I would recommend taking a
look at AWDwRv2.

Good luck,


yitzhakbg wrote:

There’s a reasonable test suite for this (in the test folder,
reasonably), and this should give you examples of usage.

I’ve been reading AWDwRv2 religiously, but it talks about the standard
view and form builders in Rails, not the “Simply Helpful” ones.