Simple Survey on rails

hey guys!
I just need simple survey on rails, … i add one questions (as admin).
as user, people see 1 answer and text area or input field (where they
can enter answer) i button submit.
All stores in Database.
Admin can see results of any questions…Please help me, i search for
this survey about 3 days, and nothing, maybe anybody did something
like this? share plse

p . s - dont write that i should use ‘surveyor’ or ‘smerf’ plugins. o
they a re too sophisicated!

On Mar 15, 2011, at 9:38 AM, vasa wrote:

they a re too sophisicated!
There’s a railscast about building a survey form here:
#196 Nested Model Form Part 1 - RailsCasts
(and there’s a part 2 as well).


also these group is for asking how to do something or to fix something
not to ask the group make the
whole thing.