Simple routing question

I’m setting up my first real rails app, and I’ve run into the
following problem.

I have an admin area that now contains many controllers. To keep
things clean, i’ve grouped my controllers in an “admin” folder.

For example, I have “应用宝官网-全网最新最热手机应用游戏下载” and
应用宝官网-全网最新最热手机应用游戏下载" and 应用宝官网-全网最新最热手机应用游戏下载"

I’ve updated the controllers, accordingly (class
Admin::MemberController < ApplicationController for example), and all
works fine - as long as I remove the admin_controller.rb file from the
root of the admin folder. If exists, my app will not look within the
“member” folder to find the member controller.

I’d like to keep the admin_controller there so that i can set up a
default admin page with links to all the sections. Am I missing
something with routing that could help me out?

Thanks in advance,


The solution you’re looking for is probably in using routes to get
what you want, not controller modules.

any idea what kind of route i could set up?

I’d like to have an action reply to /admin/ requests.

def index

for example…