Simple report in Ruport! Difficult!

Hi, I’m not a total newbie in RoR, and thought to change to Ruport for
reporting. Bought the book, read the fora (my candidacy for the
Ruport_forum is still pending) but cannot make out how to do it.

Situation is fairly simple:
I want a nice formatted text-document for download.

I have one record, and want to devide the fields over a few tables,
and generate the tables on one page.
Multiple tables, according to the book.

Controller =


now this @visit contains a Name_field and a Meeting_field. I want the
Name_field in a first table with 1 cell, and under that table the
second table with the Meeting_field in one cell. Should not be
difficult, but…

I must admit, I’ve been trying to figure it out for days now, but I
can’t get anything close to it. Although I fortunately found a simple
article about Ruport on O’Reilly, and got some little bit of
understanding of it, I’m at the brink of dropping it all together,
although I would love to use it. As someone else said here somewhere:
a book full of chunks of code, without starting with the basics, is
not a very great help for starters. I hope it is not rude, and it
surely is not intended to be, but the book feels like written for
people who already know all the basics.

Could someone give me a clear example of how to do this, or a link to
some place that could really explain things?
Many many thanks.