Simple Namespace Question

I put the following code into my application_helper.rb file, which will
allow super fancy ajax pagination blah blah blah.
Now the problem is, it’s not being identified.

I’m running Rails 1.0.0, and froze edge, so it’s sitting in /vendor.
The actual pagination_helper.rb file is appropriately sitting in:

module ActionView
module Helpers
module PaginationHelper
def pagination_links_remote(paginator, page_options={},
ajax_options={}, html_options={})
name = page_options[:name] || DEFAULT_OPTIONS[:name]
params = (page_options[:params] ||
pagination_links_each(paginator, page_options) do |n|
params[name] = n
ajax_options[:url] = params
link_to_remote(n.to_s, ajax_options, html_options)
end # PaginationHelper
end # Helpers
end # ActionView

What am I doing wrong ?