Simple local network messaging

Hi, I’m fairly new to Ruby and programming and I’m working on building a
very simple application to send text messages over a local network. I’m
fairly confident I can work out the messaging side of things, Ruby’s
socket classes seem fairly straight forward. :slight_smile:

My early prototype had one program to send messages and one to recieve
them but I was wondering if someone could give me a suggestion on how to
do both. Where I’m suck is getting the program to constantly let the
user type things into it while updating the messages as they are
recieved. I’m doing this purely as a command line application as I don’t
want to make the code overly complicated with a GUI programing.

My early prototype worked fine sending messages to ‘localhost’ but when
I tried to send them to a local IP or hostname it seemed to send them
alright but the remote machine did not recieve them. I was using UDP to
do this however I am thinking about converting it to a TCP socket

I’m hoping to get a few suggestions in regards to the logic order of the
program. I’ve been looking for sample code of programs using the TCP
socket class but I’ve been pretty unsuccessful so far I’m pretty sure
that’s because I’m googling badly but if anyone has some examples I
could look at that would be helpful.


try to disable firewall on your client machines, if that solves the
you need to poke a hole in your firewall to let the UDP communication

2009/5/6 Ve Mcmillan [email protected]

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