Simple_fields_for help

hello folks
Im trying to populate a text_field with a simple_fields_for and it
works as expected for the collection of data but at the end i always end
up with a empty text_field where i could input data, how do not display
the empty text_field. Here is a stub of what im trying to do in haml

= f.simple_fields_for :favorite_places do |fav|
= fav.label :state_name
= fav.text_field :favorite_state, :as => :string

which shows in html like so

state name

state name

state name
–> empty text_field here to input some state

ive tried checking not sure what to check such as

  • if :favorite_places.empty? || :favorite_places.blank? etc etc

any help would be appreciated

dont worry just got my fix

this worked

= fav.label :state_name if !