Silly question about running from a directory?

Hi Everyone,

Just a silly question. I was wondering if Radiant can be run from a
sub-directory (not a subdomain or as the main site of a domain). I
installed it to and it starts up fine. But,
when I log in to the admin area and click on the layouts tab, it wants
to take me to rather than

If I type it as it takes me to
the correct page. Am I missing something simple?

8/18/2007 | 4:36 PM.

Sorry to bother you again, but is there any advice for me?

8/20/2007 | 10:50 AM.

yes, not built for it.

Start by playing with routes.rb

I recall some questions about this a few months ago and the answer
was that Radiant was not built for this. That’s not to say that it’s
not possible, but I don’t know enough at the moment to help.

You may get a better answer from someone else.

Hi Jim and Jacob

Thanks for the clarification.

8/21/2007 | 8:54 AM.

possible solution is to get your separate projects working
behind a proxy server such as nginx. there you can easily
setup proxying requests from to
your main instance of Rails and
to your Radiant instance.

nginx is also very fast(fastest?) server at handling multiple
requests and giving out static files so you can for example
setup your server in such way that it will return everything
from /javascripts/ , /images/ , /stylesheets/ or even a cached
pages *.html without passing those requests to your Rails or
Radiant application.

check this out:

Hi Keymone,

Thanks for the detailed description. I’m on a shared host right now, so
nginx won’t be an option yet. But I shall try out some of this on my
development PC to get a better feel of things.

8/21/2007 | 2:57 PM.