Sidekiq and jruby

I’m looking at adding Sidekig to our Rails application running under
jRuby Windows (jruby

Everything is working except for the error messages that display when
starting and stopping the Sidekiq worker process.

To do that, I open a Window cmd window and use the command:

jruby -S bundler exec sidekiq -e production -C config/sidekiq.yml

The first error is:

uri:classloader:/jruby/kernel/kernel.rb:17: warning: unsupported exec
option: close_others

Then three more messages:

The signal USR1 is in use by the JVM and will not work correctly on this

same for USR2 and TTIN

If I try to Control C so stop the process, I get a big error dump from
celluloid about “terminating” the process.

Is there a correct way to run Sidekiq under jRuby? Are these errors
something I need to worry about?

Again, once Sidekiq starts, it appears to be running normally. It access
the queues and processes work as it should.