Show/hide in tk?

Okay so I set up a greeting AI for my sceince projet, (cool right?) but
I got a problem: when he ask for a new key word I can’t ‘un-pack’ the
button so it’s always there then if it happens again :), get ready for
this, it does it again! My fault in the code, but I don’t know what else
to do, so here’s the code that I think needs the editing:
submit = {
image submitbutton
command {
aa = grem.how_are_you(text_awnser)
if aa.include?(“I don’t know what that means”)
submit_helpg ={text “New positive keyword”;
command {add_word(new_word,“yes”)}}.pack(“side”=>“bottom”)
submit_helpb ={text “New negative keyword”;
command {add_word(new_word,“no”)}}.pack(“side”=>“bottom”)
helpme ={ textvariable new_word

Thanks In Advance,
Screen Name.

sry ment to do in ruby