Shouldn't ranges work for datetime fields

I figure ranges should work just fine for a datetime. I want to weight
a total based on how recently an item was created. Using the case
statement, I check various ranges. I simply cannot get this to work:

    weighted_total +=
      case item.created_at
        when      20
        when 24.hours.ago...48.hours.ago:  8
        when 48.hours.ago...1.week.ago:    4
        when 1.week.ago...2.weeks.ago:     2
        when 2.weeks.ago...4.weeks.ago:    1
        else                               0

Every “created_at” field resolve to the else case.

I also tried it with if statements and…24.hours.ago ===
item.created at boolean expressions. In that case, every single if
statement was successful, regardless of the range.

I’m sure I’m simply missing some intricacy with date handling. Every
language seems to have its gotchas in this realm.

bjhess wrote:

        when 2.weeks.ago...4.weeks.ago:    1

language seems to have its gotchas in this realm.
Try reversing the order of your ranges so that the oldest time is
defined first…

case item.created_at
when 24.hours.ago … 20
when 48.hours.ago … 24.hours.ago: 4



Thanks, _Kevin. You’re a life saver!