Should receive field_for failing

I have a spec that’s not behaving as I’m thinking it should. Here’s the

it’s failing with:

ActionView::TemplateError in ‘customers/new should receive fields_for’
Mock ‘ActionView::Base’ expected :form_for with (“address”, #<Address
nil, address1: “123 Main St.”, address2: “PO Box 9403”, city: “Anytown”,
state: “FL”, zip_code: “12345”>) but received it with (:customer,
#<Customer:0x…fdb9ec5fe @name=“Customer_1000”>, {:url=>“/customers”})

Since the specs don’t seem to follow subsequent render calls, is there a
way to verify that addresses/_form.html.haml is being called properly?

I recall a similar discussion some weeks back, and the desire was to
for the end output of the view, and not the individual parts. My
problem comes from the fact that fields_for will happily create fields
even if the passed in object doesn’t have attrs for them.

I had ‘fields_for :address’, and it output the whole form, and even
@address was nil my specs passed, because I just checked for the
of the various form fields. However, since the form was rendered as a
partial, the fields weren’t populating with values on the postback,
because what I needed to have was ‘fields_for “address”, address’.

Is there a way to check for this through the primary view, or should I
just spec the partial individually?