Should I use Daemonize or something else?

I’m trying to make a small Client that will run on a machine and send
data up to a Controller, written with GServer, so that I can run a
script on a machine and have its results sent off to the Controller on
another machine - and from there to a database. In looking around for
the best mechanism to do this it looks like Daemonize will do what I
want, and I’ve looked at the win32-utils Daemonize code and it seems to
fit the needs. If this is just meant to be a small client will
Daemonize do the right thing here? Or would something else be more

I’m still writing the client, but the way I envision it working is that
it will start and get data from scripts that execute some small tests,
the results of those tests will get passed to the Controller. The
Client I expect will probably listen on a port for data and send what it
gets to the Controller, I imagined doing a file to be watched but I
think the socket would be better as it would allow data from different
kinds of scripts to be sent, and the results would be more immediate.

If I’m off base with this, please feel free to let me know, I’m just
trying to find the best way to handle this.


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