Should I continue using Rails 5 or should i use Rails 6?

As we all know the Rails is currently on version 6.0.3 as of May 06, 2020 (6.5 KB)

Some developers say that it is still not stable and must need to wait for a little while before migrating to the new version. While some say that should use it immediately since it’s new.

Any ideas on this? Would want to know the opinions of every Rails developers.

I’ve had a bad experience with getting Rails 6 up and running with a recent personal project. Then again, I was using some iffy libraries too, so that might have contributed to the problem. Still, I am weary of Rails 6 specifically because it defaults to Webpacker. I’d stick with Rails 5 for as long as possible if I were you, especially that there are libraries that haven’t adapted to Rails 6 yet.

Good call. Rails 6 is very different. And there aren’t lot of people with experience for support.

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