Should i buy Ruby on Rails 3 Essential Training with Kevin Skoglund from

hello people, i m new to rails and i m thinking of buying Ruby on Rails
Essential Training with Kevin S. tutorial

but problem is the tutorial is created on 2010 oct => so its 2 yrs old
so my question it is fine to Buy these Tutorial in the changing rails
Please Help me

To be honest given the wealth of resources available for free I can’t
see why you would need to pay anything to learn RoR.

If the free stuff doesn’t click get a book or two. If, after that, you
still don’t get it then I suspect that paying for a bunch of videos is
probably throwing money away.

What programming skills / experience do you have?

Html / css and Ruby language and little bit of PHP

On Tue, Sep 11, 2012 at 6:27 PM, Peter H. <

I’d personally recommend that you go through the Ruby on Rails
Its more recent, employs best practices from
the get go, very well taught, and free book version. The screencasts
need to purchase.

As an additional resource. You would also like this Schneems - UT on

Schneems - UT on Rails => is this
resources free

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