ShortURL 0.8.4 released

Hello all!

Vincent F. was kind enough to let me start maintaining the ShortURL
gem, which means that I was able to fix the support for RubyURL today
and release a new gem.

$ gem install shorturl

This will give you the ShortURL library, which currently supports over
20 URL-shortening services. is the default service that it
works with.

require ‘rubygems’
require ‘shorturl’

ShortURL.shorten( ‘’ )
ShortURL.shorten( ‘’, :tinyurl )

Additionally, this gem provides a command-line interface, which will
allow you to generate short URLs.


shorturl moourl

shorturl urltea

For more information, visit the project on RubyForge.

Additionally, if you’re using QuickSilver on OSX, here is a way to use through QuickSilver.