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one of things i am finding hard to understand about using rails to make
a shopping cart system or a blog is that blogs ans shopping carts have
already been designed hundreds of times. I mean i have a friend who
needed to create a shopping cart for the co-op he works for because they
wanted an ecommerce site, so he went online got some php code plugged it
in to the site and the database and had it set up for the most part
before he went home that day, and this was a huge system with thousands
of products. Aside from that there are already shopping carts that have
been designed and require almost no programming to integrate with a a
persons website. e.g. i was at office max the other day and saw for
$19,95 a program that a person code use to make an ecommmerce website
with almost no programming experience. The same thing seems true of
blogs for the most part. Rails might be rapid development but why use it
to reinvent the wheel over and over again? I must be missing something
because rails seems really popular.


Hi Corey,

Did anyone reply to this? Do we need to build shopping cart from
scratch? Is it true with blogs, forums on rails as well?

Sandeep G

On Apr 4, 6:12 am, Corey K. [email protected]