Hi all,

We have a completely new brochure site for Shopify which I’d like to
shamelessly plug:

…which is of course, like the old, built with the
incomparable Radiant :slight_smile:

One nifty thing that this site does is use a modified version of the
rss_reader extension from BJ Clark et al. It grabs feeds that we
publish in other places and re-displays them to fit it with the
design of the site. In particular,

comes from:


comes from: , …/
offsite.xml, etc.

When I get a spare minute I’ll make the modified version that we’ve
been using of the rss_reader extension available, since it includes
some features and improvements that I think others would find quite


James MacAulay
[email protected]


As always, awesome work!


I believe I would use if I could do so without it being
visible to my clients and their customers. I want the website to look
it is entirely the clients.

Is there any way you can suggest I can do that. When I tested a shopify
website it changed the clients URL to the URL upon entering
credit card information.