Shoes: Force Maintenance?

I read through the Shoes manual, and I understand that Shoes is an
event-oriented infrastructure. And in event-oriented programming, you
are supposed to write functions that do their job quickly and then exit,
allowing Shoes to take care of painting, mouse events, et cetera.

However, I am attempting to apply a shoes interface to a program that
was not written to be event-oriented. Most of the run-time is spent
inside various functions that do not exit quickly. Do I need to rewrite
my program engine, or is there some hidden Shoes call I can make that
would cause the app to take care of its graphical and event maintenance?

I believe the right way to do this would be to use a Thread that runs in
background, but I’m not 100% sure. So I’m crossposting this response (as
well as your individual post) to the shoes mailing list so that maybe
one of
them can help answer.

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