Shipping gem


anybody get this to work properly?


I have been able to get this to work. But only with FedEx. I haven’t
tried with UPS. I also have been extending a lot of the FedEx
methods, and I am currently working on adding Tracking methods. I
hope to post some of my work back to the gem repository. If you can
wait for a week, I can post some patch files later.

But in order to get this to work, you need to have a FedEx account
number. You can use this api to request a test meter number. Then you
will have to certify your application with FedEx before you can use
their live servers, and get a live meter number.

Also, FedEx just changed over to their new SOAP/WSDL based API. The
old XML API still works, but it’s difficult to find information about
it on their website.
Best place to get started is here:

This has links to apply for the API certification process.

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