ShinyCocos pre-release


Hi all,

For the past few month, I’ve been working on a fun project: ruby
bindings for Cocos2D-iphone game framework. So, I think I’ve reached a
point where it’s worth mentioning it here:

The idea is to program the game logic in ruby :slight_smile:
How it was made: with some objc-hacking and embedding a ruby 1.9
interpreter. I still have some problems with exception handling (check
the issues), but so far, it’s really stable and ruby’s GC takes care
of my memory management! :smiley:
For those concerning whether or not a game built using ShinyCocos will
be approved on the AppStore, I don’t know for sure, but a similar
approach has already been used and it’s working (I mean embedding
ruby): check out rhomobile, it’s basically a ruby web-server and you
program the application in some sort of rails-like approach. The thing
is that Apple approved the ruby interpreter, so this opens the doors
to more fun things, like ShinyCocos.

Anyway, hope some of you will enjoy this small project!
Oh, one more thing: it’s really in a pre-release status!!