Shell-style history for irb... now fixed!


Hey all,

Last year during RubyConf, I showed a little hack for adding shell-style
history manipulation to irb. There was a bug in it where history
replays that did assignments were executed in the wrong context, causing
you to not have access to the newly-assigned variable after the replay
was done.

Well, today, I’m happy to announce that this critical bug has been
squashed and I’ve released the 1.0 (for lack of a better version number)
version of the hack. It’s available on my blog, with background info,

You can take the code linked to from that post and drop it into your
.irbrc and immediately enjoy such tasty methods as h, h!, and hw. I
invite you to experiment!

Back when I first announced this hack, I heard from a couple of people
who were interested in collaborating on a set of IRB hacks. I haven’t
forgotten, I’m just a really terrible correspondent. The upshot for
everyone else is that soon, you may not need to copy and paste the code!
Stay tuned for more info!