Shebang Warning in Locomotive

I’ve been working with Locomotive (2.0.8) for quite some time without
any problems.

Today I tried to create a new project and I got the following error:

‘Warning! The Ruby interpreter referenced this Rails application’s
dispatch.fcgi file may not refer to the Ruby in Locomotive. If you
to continue without changing this, your application may not function
properly - or at all! Choosing ‘Change It’ will change the
shebang line to: ‘#!/usr/bin/env ruby’’

I still can run old projects without any problems, but I am not able
to create new ones anymore.

Does anyone know how to solve this problem? (after some hours of
googling I couldn’t find mutch)


I’m also experiencing the same problem… does anyone out there no
what it is?

On Jul 15, 11:57 pm, Marie-Anne [email protected]

I got it working with seymore cms though now I’m encountering further
problems with errors in the code itself. I trying to figure out how to
install geego cms now just to play with.

one thing to try is to go into your locomotive terminal and type:
ruby script/console
when i was mucking around with ‘seymore’ it was helpful in that it
pointed out i had to update my gems etc.

when the console is working the screen should look like this:

at which point you can type ‘exit’

another thing i did was go into the file structure and manually add
the locomotive.yml in ‘config’ folder. you have to edit the
locomotive.yml itself manually to suit the project i.e. ports and
stuff. check out the file from a site that works on locomotive.

hope you get it working

  • Phil


Thanks for your reaction.

The solutions you give to try are not working for me because I cannot
enter the terminal from within Locomotive in a new project, because
when I try to create a new project I got the Shebang Warning and there
is no project created (the maps that Locomotive normally creates,
aren’t there). So, I also am not able to adjust something manually in
the config folder.

I am thinking that I get the Shebang Warning because I upgraded my
rails version some time ago. There might be a conflict between my
Locomotive version and my new Rails version…