Shattered 0.3.3 - an opinionated 3d game development framewo

Ever have an idea for a game? Ever want to create a 3d game, but didn’t
to mess with the horrors of C++? Well now you can, and without even
the warm gooey comfort of Ruby! presents Shattered 0.3.3.

Shattered is an opinionated 3d game DSL created in Ruby built on top of
of Ogre . Originally inspired by Ruby on Rails, Shattered
aims to do for game development what Rails has done for web development.

Here is some sample code that you might see in a shattered application:

class OgreHeadView < ShatteredView::Base
mesh “ogre_head”
timer :every => :frame, :action => :update

def update
rotate(:y, 90*per_second) #rotate around the y axis 90 degrees per

This release is anything but minor. The final release before 0.4, here
some of the feature highlights:

Unit Testing - Cleanly seperating view from model gives us access to
testing game rules.
Sensible Node hierarchy - An opinionated approach to the scenenode

Come check us out here .

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