Shars / admin_parts


I have a radiant 0.6.2 setup with admin_parts and a few extensions,
which are
working just fine.
Now, I want to upgrade to 0.6.4, and replace admin_parts with shards.
what I read, the upgrading should go smoothly, what bothers me is the
admin_parts -> shards migration, I don’t see any “good” example of how
convert en extension using admin_parts to a one using shards. Anyone has
nice pointer I could use ?


nice pointer I could use ?
Not really, as I never documented admin_parts well, and shards is also a
little doco-light at the moment.

Here’s the diff that I made in my code when migrating from admin_parts
to shards:

  • admin.page_edit_parts.add ‘Groggy Article’, ‘groggy_article’,
    :before => ‘Layout’
  • admin.page_edit_parts.add ‘Groggy Comic’, ‘comic’, :before =>
  • admin.page_edit_parts.add ‘Groggy Venue’, ‘venue’, :before =>
  • admin.page_edit_parts.add ‘Groggy Article Author’,
    ‘groggy_article_author’, :after => ‘Title’
  • ‘parts_bottom’, ‘groggy_article’, :before =>
  • ‘parts_bottom’, ‘comic’, :before =>
  • ‘parts_bottom’, ‘venue’, :before =>
  • ‘form’, ‘groggy_article_author’, :after =>