I saw this on twitter
SharpDevelop 4.0 supports IronRuby 4.0 have been questions
before abetout IDE support so I thought some of you might be interested.

A quick summary of my first impression after 10 minutes of playing with

The good

  • I found it’s nice and straight forward to just go File New Project,
    app, set a break point, hit F5 and step through.
  • I noticed that it allow us to add references and Web Service
    References to
    a project, not sure what this would translate to in a Ruby project.
  • It feels like a similar environment for .NET devs, they seem to make
    interop really easy (e.g having C# and Ruby projects sitting together in
    same solution).

The bad

  • I think that other IDEs, in particular RubyMine are better targeted
    Ruby development (e.g. use of Cucumber, run tasks, execute scripts, run
    tasks, etc)
  • Might not be a big deal, but it only has templates for Winforms,
    and Class Library (not sure what the last one means in the IR world),
    not for WPF, MVC or Rails

Overall is good that we start having some products supporting IR out of
box. I hope more will follow. Nice

Disclaimer, this is a nightly build and not sure how stable it’s.