SharpDevelop And Ruby

Hi there, I trying to find a Ruby tutorial but I’d like to learn using
SharpDevelop, I,ve searched google for some days but I couldn’t find
anything, could someone help me with this.
Thank you

I was surprised to see on SharpDevelop’s site that it does support
IronRuby; but I don’t see any docs or tutorials on using it there.
Generally though most people recommend using Ruby with a simple text
and a REPL like irb or pry, at least when you’re just starting out.

Actually that tends to be a common recommendation for when you start out
with many programming languages, but I think there’s a greater concensus
the Ruby community not to rely on IDEs. Ruby is much more dynamic than
so it’s pretty much impossible for an IDE to “understand” the code the
it understands more static languages. For instance, an IDE can’t ever
all the methods an object can respond to, so completion is less robust
(although there are both IDEs and text editors that provide Ruby code
completion of varying quality).