Sharing variable


I would like to share a variable “X” from my python block to any other
block in GNU radio.

How could i do that ?



Hi Luis,
as I said in my original reply, there’s no direct way to “share”
variables. Maybe you’d want to specify or give an example of what
exactly you want to do.

Best regards,

Hi Luis,

I think you might be referring to the concept of GNU Radio Companion’s
variables; since that is a pure python concept, there’s no easy way to
do this in C++ (you’d simply lack the python glue).
Typically, you’d use message passing to asynchronously exchange
information between blocks, or you’d directly call appropriate get/set
methods on the other blocks.

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PS: GNU Radio has its own mailing list, which I included in CC:; I’d
recommend signing up for it and continuing this discussion there, as it
is pretty unrelated to the USRPs.