Greetings, you all,

We recently released our first Ruby on Rails application

The site is built on top of the great work “Altered Beast” by Rick
Olsen/Courtney. So just want to take the chance to thank them first.

We are hoping this is going to be THE online shopping community in the
future. We not only give cash back to members shopping thru our site,
we also reward members with cash who forward deals to others and deal
hunters who find all the great deals for you from internet. All
rewards are unlimited and calculated on a transaction basis. We made
sure everyone gets credit in an online shopping experience and this
model will work.

So check it out if you have a spare second, also if you’d like to add
a friend link to our site from yours, please register first and start
earning referral bonus.

Also any comments and suggestions are highly appreciated!


Hello lyrix,

The site looks nice.

I have a question on your technique for permalinks. On the main page,
I hovered over your “Go to store” links. For example, the deal on $20
off Timberland boots was:

What would happen is another deal at a different store (running at the
same time) was also $20 off Timberland boots? In other words, when
you make your permalinks, will you append something, like a deal id,
if there are multiples in order to make permalinks unique?

Thank you and good luck. I’ll be watching for a deal!


Hey, Jim,

the permalink_fu plugin can manage this very nicely for the model.

For example see the URL below for the two deals we had with exactly
same title: “$25 Restaurant GC for $2”

what’s more impressive is you can even specify the scope of the
permalink uniqueness even though we are not using this feature, for
example in a BBS application such as aBeast, you can say the topic
permalink needs to be unique in my ‘hot-deal’ board, not necessarily
across the entire forums.