Shared behaviour for all views

Is there a way I can write something like a shared behaviour for all
views that
just checks the page responds with a 200 status and has a title, meta
tags, and
an h1?

Here’s an idea for a shared behaviour (that only applies if I set views
to use
it manually with it_should_behave_like “a standard layout”):

describe “a standard layout”, :shared => true do
it “should have meta tags” do
response.should have_tag(“meta”)

 it "should have an h1 tag" do
   response.should have_tag("h1")


Note that this also sucks because I currently have to define a do_render
calls render with a stringified name of the view I’m spec-ing. I also
get the
feeling that I might want to split this out into a shared behaviour for
controllers that checks if all of its pages respond with a 200 (like a
spider-crawling thing) and the rest should be in a view spec.

I’ve got a feeling this would go in spec_helper.rb, but I’m not sure how
to set
it up for all views and controllers. What’s the simplest way?


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