Severe STI, HABTM with Attributes and 1.1


I had been working on a project that was using STI to a very high
degree. It also was using a HABTM table that had a couple extra
attributes. It seems that with 1.1 push_with_attributes is deprecated
and I am having a bit of trouble moving things to using has_many

The original schema I had worked like this :

create_table “nodes” do |t|
t.column “title”, :string
t.column “body”, :integer
t.column “type”, :string

create_table “nodes_to_nodes”, :id => true, :primary_key => “n2n_id”,
:force => true do |t|
t.column :node_id, :integer, :default => 0, :null => false
t.column :node_fk_id, :integer, :default => 0, :null => false
t.column :position, :integer
t.column :foreign_type, :string

class NodesToNodes < ActiveRecord::Base
set_primary_key :c2c_id
acts_as_list :scope => :node

So basically I could have all sorts of Node types that used STI off
the original Node table. And the if Foo < Node and Bar < Node I could
set in Foo’s model that it HABTM Bars and at the same time order the
Bars that Foo had.

Now without push_attributes I can’t see how I can replicate the same
thing using :through

Am I going to have to use STI on NodesToNodes as well? Set up
FooToBars < NodesToNodes?

Any other thoughts? It was working quite well but I’d hate to have to
sit and use 1.0 forever.

I checked out and kind of get what it talks about
with self-referential tables, but it doesn’t seem to all fit once STI
is introduced.

Thanks for any help and thoughts.


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