Several Problems with Umlauts


I’m working on a Rails app for quite some time now. I had some problems
with umlauts; I found workarounds but don’t like them really. So I
wanted to ask if I’m the only one with these problems. Basically, I’ve
set up my app and my database to work with utf-8. This works fine for
all data that is processed by ActionController / ActionView. I can enter
data with umlauts and the data is rendered perfectly in a view. But:

  • ActionMailer cannot handle static text with umlauts in a template. I
    have to convert the static text to ISO-8859 ! Why is that ??

  • I use rfpdf to generate pdf-docs. I have to convert data from my
    models to utf-8 to get the umlauts in the pdf. Why ist that ? My
    database is configured for utf-8 so I thougth my model objects are utf-8
    already ??

  • The Submit Tag Helper does not handle Umlauts. I have to convert the
    button text to utf-8 with IConv. Hmm …

My workaround is to use IConv to convert all those strings to utf-8 or -
in the case of ActionMailer - to ISO-8859. It works but is really ugly.

Any help to a “dryer” solution is very welcome !


Aaarghh ! My stupid fault: Eclipse was not configured to read and save
the files in utf-8. Now everything’s fine :slight_smile: