Several newbyish questions about Rails


I am creating a Rails application and I’ve run into a couple of snags.
Answers to the following questions would be appreciated.

Couple of things to note: I am using a legacy database where all of the
tables have an integer primary key called “id.”

The application has to coexist with a Java/Hibernate application. The ID
for all tables is generated using a Hibernate sequence number. The same
sequence is used for all tables.

I am using Postgres 8.2 and 8.3 (depending on my environment)

My questions:

  • what is the best way to generate an id for a new object? I want to
    avoid risks of collision between what the Java app does and what the
    Ruby ap does.

  • when creating a new object, the id is never stored. In my current
    form, I force the id to be set manually (until I can solve the previous
    question). Yet, when the data is stored, I get an error from my database
    saying the id is null. When I look at the code used to store, the ID
    does not appear. Why not and how do I fix that?

  • I have a few fields that set the modification date, and the status
    (one modified, one for deleted). The database does not set the
    modification date automatically. What is the preferred way to updated
    it? Similar question for the modified field.

  • For the delete field, I want to set the “delete” flag to TRUE instead
    of physically deleting the object. What is the best way to do this?

  • Finally, I am working with one object for now but I will need to do
    something similar for five or six other objects. How can I scaffold all
    of the above so that I have as little code to retype as possible?