Setup git in my godaddy server

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I know this is not correct place to ask this question but please help if
you know

As mentioned some tutorial, i install git version in home
then I initialize git repository by git init --bare in my samplerepo.git
then i add code in .bashrc file as follow

export GIT_BIN=${HOME}/git
export PATH=${GIT_BIN}/bin:${PATH}
export GIT_EXEC_PATH=${GIT_BIN}/libexec/git-core

And i add following code in front of my ssh key

command="if [[ “x${SSH_ORIGINAL_COMMAND}x” == “xx” ]]; then /bin/bash;
source ~/.bashrc; eval “${SSH_ORIGINAL_COMMAND}”; fi; "

Finally in my local machine i create samplerepo.git and add index.html
git init and add remote by following successfully.
git remote add origin [email protected]:~/html/
but i am facing error while try to push “git push origin master”
Error message:
bash: git-receive-pack: command not found
fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly

Please advice…

Hello there,

I solved the problem by editing the following code as escaping some of
quotes with backslashes:

command=if [[ "x${SSH_ORIGINAL_COMMAND}x" == "xx" ]]; then
else source ~/.bashrc; eval ${SSH_ORIGINAL_COMMAND}; fi;

On Tue, Sep 11, 2012 at 12:55 PM, Saravanan P
[email protected]wrote:

export GIT_BIN=${HOME}/git
else source ~/.bashrc; eval “${SSH_ORIGINAL_COMMAND}”; fi; "

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