Setting up Ruby + RubyOnRails on the new intel mac (any feed



I’m about to attempt to setup RoR on an iMac powered by an Intel core

Before I start, is there anyone who would have some feedback about a
setup (and likely, the caveats hidden down there) ?




I bet it will build just fine…build from source and you should be good
to go.


I built from source… Indeed it built fine…
However… I had some trouble getting RMagick to work.
So eventualy I gave up and tried my luck with Locomotive (which is still
This actualy works! And because it is not a big app like Photoshop or
anything, it runs smoothly and very responsive under Rosetta.

Good luck!


Yes, as Pat says, Locomotive works just fine on the new Intel iMac
despite being a PPC program running under Rosetta. As far as I can
tell, there are no differences between Locomotive on ppc and on intel.

In fact, it works so well that I’m not making a Universal Binary of the
current version, but forging ahead with new features for Locomotive 2.0
(which will be a Universal Binary).



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