Setting up radiant 0.6.0

Hi All,

I’m a relative Rails n00b and I’m having a few challenges. I’ve setup
radiant happily enough on my machine but now I’m looking to deploy a
solution. I’m using as my provider and I’m setting up
site under a sub-directory of the primary URL so it looks like this:

However I’ve run into a couple of snags. First off, the host only has
in their gem set which I can’t seem to modify so I have pulled down the
0.6.0 RC2 gem and manually installed that into a location I do have
of. However now, even when I’m in the bin directory of the radiant
I’ve created if I try to run the radiant file it seems to automatically
default to the 0.5.2 version that exists at the server level. Perhaps
missing something obvious but I sure would appreciate a pointer in the

The primary issue is the latter one as I’m not sure I should have too
issues setting up radiant in a sub-directory?

Thanks in advance,

John-Daniel Trask