Setting up nginx as Visual Studio 2010 project


I’d like to make a Visual Studio project from the nginx source and then
build it. Has anyone already done this experience and can tell me how to


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no problem, but need to build it with mingw at least once.

try it as follows:

  1. you have to get 4 auto config files from
    nginx for Windows procedures.

    • ngx_auto_config.h (detailed configuration option info’ at header
    • ngx_auto_headers.h
    • ngx_modules.c
    • ngx_pch.c
  2. create vs 2010 new project and attach sources (core and modules

    • refer to objs/Makefile (mingw result).
  3. build enjoy.

    • this is only visual studio 2010 project settings problems (you
      miss it).

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You should be able to just create a new project and add all the source
files from the Windows version of nginx
(nginx for Windows) - Although I’m not too sure if
it can actually be compiled with the Microsoft compiler or whether it
depends on MinGW. The Windows port of nginx looks very incomplete.

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This is almost a year later, but I’ve written up additional details on
to create a Visual Studio project for nginx.

Given that I’m not an advanced unix user, I had to figure a number of
out while doing this, and those things are all documented here. Enjoy!

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