Setting up nginx as reverse proxy to Apache, what's wrong?

Hi all,

I’ve been trying to setup nginx to run as front of Apache on my busy
but things seem not fine to me.

nginx (0.6.39), Apache (2.2.3) are installed from yum, mod_rpaf (0.6)
from source.

For testing, I’ve set nginx to listen port 81.

Here’s my configurations:

server {
listen 81;
server_name *.;
root /home/mywwwroot;

location / {
proxy_redirect default;
proxy_set_header Host $host;
proxy_set_header X-Real-IP $remote_addr;
proxy_set_header X-Forwarded-For $proxy_add_x_forwarded_for;
location ~*
root /home/mywwwroot;
access_log off;
expires 10d;

LoadModule rpaf_module modules/

RPAFenable On
RPAFsethostname On
RPAFproxy_ips x.x.168.29
RPAFheader X-Real-IP

When I access, it always show the Apache’s
page like I am accessing http://localhost/.


Bac nen setup nginx on port 80 và resever proxy file php cho apache trên
host khác thì hay hÆ¡n…

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